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We are excited to announce that we are partnering with  Mayor Bass' Los Angeles Small Business Financial Empowerment Summit for this year's RiseWith event.

The event will be on Saturday, October 14th at BMO Stadium.  Registration link is coming soon!

2023 Koi Pond Winner

Marli Crowe, Founder/CEO, C. Suite

C. Suite is a full-service career development company that empowers professionals to unlock their earning potential. Our comprehensive suite of products and services includes resume and cover letter writing, LinkedIn optimization, mock interviews, career coaching, career clothing, workshops, and programming. Our innovative approach and unwavering commitment empower professionals to unlock new opportunities, enhance their skills, and excel in their chosen fields.


About AccessingLA

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Accessing LA, the City of Los Angeles’ flagship networking series, is a collaboration of the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, various Council offices, the Office of Procurement and the Department of Public Works.


Each of the three events in this series focuses on a particular industry that brings together several City departments, public agencies, and contractors (both primes and subcontractors). BuildWith focuses on the construction industry. The TeamWith event places emphasis on professional/personal services.  RiseWith promotes business/contracting development, especially in the San Fernando Valley. 


Accessing LA's aim is to provide opportunities for building meaningful relationships, gaining valuable perspectives and accessing an abundance of resources to promote economic development and contracting with the City of Los Angeles.   From start up businesses to seasoned subcontractors, the Accessing LA events create an experience and a dynamic tight-knit community for those who want to do business with the City and other public agencies.

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